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Christophe Williams

Christophe Williams

CEO & Co-Founder, Naked Energy

Christophe is the CEO and Co-Founder at Naked Energy, a British design and engineering business, leading the global innovation in solar thermal and solar PVT. Prior to that, Christophe has been connected to the renewable energy industry for generations. His first inspiration was his grandfather Peter Williams who worked with renowned engineer Stephen Salter in the 1970s to develop 'the oscillating duck', a form of oscillating wave technology generating clean electricity. 

Christophe previously worked as a senior creative executive in the advertising industry for over fifteen years, gaining many awards from prestigious organisations such as ‘Creative Circle’ and ‘Clio’. He has worked with major blue-chip clients and global brands such as Microsoft, Barclays, BMW, Sony and also directly with a number of UK government bodies, including DEFRA and the Central Office of Information on high profile advertising campaigns on sustainability.