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Dan Huertas

Dan Huertas

Producer & Director, Silverback Films

Daniel has worked in documentary filmmaking for nearly 20 years.  Specialising in natural history and conservation, his credits include BBC’s ‘Natural World: My Congo’, BBC Earth’s feature film 'Earth: One Amazing Day' and the Netflix/WWF Emmy Award winning ‘Our Planet’ project.  In recent years Dan’s focus has been on trying to make films that combat climate change and nature loss.  He has created many short films, for world leaders to view at global events, such as COP and Davos.  He produced and directed the first episode of the BBC/Discovery series 'The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet', entitled 'Protect and Restore Nature', with Sir David and Prince William.  Most recently has been part of the Save our Wild Isles project, creating a documentary about the finance sector's negative impact on, and potential restoration of, the natural world, in ‘Banking on a Wilder Tomorrow’.