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Georgia Pemberton

Georgia Pemberton

Head of Enterprise Sales, UNDO

With over 10 years experience spanning global brands, Georgia aids businesses on their net-zero pathway, leveraging her trilingual skills in Spanish, German, and English to expand UNDO’s partnerships. Her expertise in complex markets is critical to driving enterprise sales whilst activating new markets. 

Currently, Georgia is responsible for the development and implementation of UNDO's go-to-market strategy while supporting businesses on their pathway to net zero with high-permanence carbon dioxide removal solution, enhanced rock weathering. Part of Microsoft and Stripe’s carbon removal portfolios, UNDO spreads crushed silicate rock such as basalt on agricultural land, locking away CO₂ for 100,000+ years while improving soil fertility, food security and the health of our oceans. UNDO aims to spread enough rock by 2025 to remove one million tonnes of CO₂, a first step towards gigatonne-scale operations.