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Change Block Ltd


Changeblock is a global environmental asset consultancy and trading platform, offering the strategic management and optimisation of environmental assets, which encompass a range of resources such as carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, water rights, and biodiversity credits. We help organisations improve environmental performance, meet regulatory requirements, while also creating opportunities for financial gain. 

We enable the creation, selling and buying of environmental assets for individuals, businesses and governments easy, affordable, fast, transparent, secure and impactful for the planet. Our model ensures you significantly reduce time to market and enhance the integrity of sustainable projects, providing new income opportunities for carbon credits, sustainable fuels, oil and gas, maritime, commodities, plastics and more. 

By utilising innovative technology and accurate data measurements, we support businesses in reducing their carbon footprint. Our platform ensures that the carbon credits we offer are certified to genuinely signify tangible emission reductions, establishing a dependable marketplace for carbon offsetting. 

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