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Net Zero Festival 2022

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Going negative: How to access negative emissions

29 Sep 2022
Main Stage

Negative emission technologies such as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), and direct air capture (DAC), are appearing as potential solutions to reaching net zero. How can businesses access negative emissions, ensure projects deliver as promised, and credibly incorporate them into their net zero strategy without distracting from the need to cut emissions at source. In this session industry experts will explore how companies are working with negative emissions projects, discuss the best practices that can help ensure the nascent market genuinely removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and identify how businesses could be at the forefront of the push to stabilise global concentrations of greenhouse gases. 


James Murray, Editor-In-Chief, BusinessGreen


Angela Hepworth, Commercial Director for Innovation, Drax

Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of External Affairs, Climate Impact Partners

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