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Net Zero Festival 2022

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Implementing Net Zero Strategies - tackling the challenges head on

28 Sep 2022
Workshop Stream 2

Businesses are facing mounting pressure to implement ambitious net-zero strategies and deliver impact that will last. In face of the urgency and disruption we are currently experiencing, heads of sustainability are facing mounting challenges such as tackling scope 3, adapting to an age of disruption and how to avoid falling for superficial solutions. In this workshop led by Forum for the Future, they will provide you with the tools to find catalytic opportunities, a smarter approach to responding to rapid changes, efficiently solving for those interconnected issues and how you can a adopt a more effective, future-fit mindset.


James Payne, Associate Director, Transformational Strategies, Forum for the Future

Charlene Collison, Associate Director, Sustainable Value Chains and Livelihoods, Forum for the Future

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