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Net Zero Festival 2022

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Legally Green: How Climate Litigation could turbocharge the net zero transition

29 Sep 2022
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Climate change litigation continues to grow in importance as a way of either advancing or delaying effective action on climate change. The number of cases challenging government inaction or lack of ambition in climate goals and commitments continues to grow. In addition, cases are targeting a wider variety of private sector and financial actors and there is more diversity in the arguments being used, for example incorporating themes of greenwashing and fiduciary duty. As a consequence, businesses need to be aware of litigation risk being on the rise. Are we ready to firmly argue that guaranteeing the future of our planet should be seen as a basic right of us all?


James Murray, Editor-In-Chief, BusinessGreen


Joanne Etherton, Head of Climate, ClientEarth

Farhana Yamin, Lawyer, Author, Activist

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