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Net Zero Festival 2022

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"I've Got The Power": How to harness public support for Net Zero

28 Sep 2022
Main Stage

Recent extreme weather events have been influencing people to act on climate change. However, there is still a significant awareness-action gap, and when action is taken, it can get demonised as "ecoterrorism" and rejected by the wider public. If we are to get to Net Zero, we must also utilise the power and strength of public support to accelerate the change needed. In order to do this, we must understand what our citizens currently think of the climate crisis, and how we can communicate and harness public support by empowering our citizens.


James Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessGreen


David Halpern, CEO, The Behavioural Insights Team

Lorraine Whitmarsh, Professor of Environmental Psychology, University of Bath

Paul Dickinson, Co-host, Outrage + Optimism 

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