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Net Zero Festival 2023

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Together in Electric Dreams: A Journey to Zero Carbon Living

01 Nov 2023
Opening Keynotes

Consumers, industry and Government agree that the green transition - from fossil fuels to renewable energy - needs to happen. As the UK moves faster towards rising temperatures, it is the duty of every energy supplier to be transparent about carbon, and pave a pathway to using less of it. Through its 10-year response to the climate crisis, Plan Zero, OVO is committed to making zero carbon living a reality for as many of its customers as possible - but there's no one size fits all. By harnessing the power of green technologies, incentivising consumption reduction, upskilling the green workforce of the future, and influencing green policy, OVO hopes to make sustainable living a standard afforded to everyone. We hope you'll join us in advocating for less net and more zero as we create the greener, fairer energy system of the future.

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