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Net Zero Festival 2023

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Future Proof: How to Make Net Zero Profitable

31 Oct 2023

Billy Richards, a computational biochemist from Oxford and CEO of Changeblock Group, delivers a talk aimed at reconciling the worlds of finance and climate action, specifically through the lens of carbon credit markets. He outlines the stark reality of climate change and the opportunity for profitability within the green asset sector. While acknowledging the existing complications in generating high-quality carbon credits, Richards argues that the key to streamlining the process is in leveraging data science for audit trails and integrity. He describes how Changeblock, by using remote sensing and blockchain technology, creates a transparent and efficient process for monetizing environmentally beneficial projects. The approach simplifies the carbon credit lifecycle, from creation to sale, facilitating trustworthy peer-to-peer transactions and attracting investments. Richards stresses the importance of consensus and shared values in advancing a clean, sustainable future.

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