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Net Zero Festival Hosted by BusinessGreen


The Net Zero Festival will be back in 2024

Mark your calendars...the Net Zero Festival festival will be back, bigger and better than ever, on 22-23 October 2024.

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Catch up on content via the Net Zero Festival Hub

Whether you were unable to join us this year or had to miss certain sessions, we're thrilled to share that we'll be releasing exclusive content captured from the main stage at the Net Zero Festival.


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sky news

Inside the Net Zero Festival 2023 with Sky News

This year's Net Zero Festival came hot on the heels of a spate of green policy changes from the UK government, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attempting to reframe the transition as a potentially costly endeavour for consumers.

But despite that change in tack from Number 10, business support for the transition and the opportunities it offers remained undimmed among attendees at the Net Zero Festival 2023, as Mickey Carroll from Sky News reported from the event.


Just some of the companies in attendance

  • “This is the annual shot-in-the-arm that Sustainability professionals need - inspiration from top level speakers but even more inspiration from those standing next to you in the lunch queue. On stage and in the audience, this crowd could change the world, if just given the chance.”
    Miranda Simmons
    Sustainable Production Consultant, Picture Zero
  • “The Business Green Net Zero Festival has become an essential forum to grapple with big questions about the net zero transition. Difficult issues are not dodged, but one leaves with an overwhelming sense that progress is not only essential: it is also possible and will enhance all our lives.”
    Shaun Spiers
    Executive director, Green Alliance
  • "Business Green has hit upon a winning formula for bringing a whole community of people together who just want to get things done on net zero in ways that transform our world into a cleaner, greener and kinder world. The curation is excellent, and the mix of panels, pavilions and poetry provides diverse opportunities for learning, inspiration and time to re-energise our collective commitment to raising climate ambition.”
    Farhana Yamin
    Lawyer, Author, Activist
  • “It’s been wonderful to see the Net Zero festival grow. Meeting so many like-minded people who want to transition to net zero was re-energising as we all progress on this journey together. Together, is the only way we will get there.”
    Sandrine Ricard
    Deputy Director of S&R for Pernod Ricard in the UK
  • “It was a real pleasure to speak at the Net Zero Festival. What a fantastic event and brilliantly informed audience. It’s always inspiring to see so many innovators, leaders and companies together, committed to a innovating and engineering the bright low carbon future. So much positivity and hope in the room at a time the world needs it most.”
    Hugo Tagholm
    Executive Director, Oceana UK
  • "The Net Zero festival is a highlight in my calendar because it offers thought leadership in a really practical and solutions focused-way. I always come back from the event with a clearer vision for how we move forward with the climate crisis."
    Becky Annison
    Head of Engagement, Chancery Lane Project
  • "As the first show we have exhibited at, Net Zero Festival was a brilliant experience. The team made it easy for us to simply show up and exhibit, and we had countless inspiring, energising, and rewarding conversations with partners and potential customers. I feel optimistic about the future of sustainable business having attended the event. "
    James Gill
  • "Like any good festival should, the Net Zero Festival was filled with creative minds coming together in support of a common goal and, of course, lots of musical references."
    Catrina Coakley-Burns
    Content Executive, Hays

2023 Speakers


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We will be back!

The Net Zero Festival will be back on 22-23 October 2024.

To stay in the loop, complete our short form below and we will be in touch with key updates about next year's event.