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  • Entry to the Net Zero Festival is free, but you must be registered to attend.
  • If you have not pre-registered, please go to the registration desk on arrival.
  • Many of the event theatres are expected to be at or close to capacity, so if you have registered to attend but are unable to do so please do notify the Net Zero Festival team as soon as possible so we can reassign your place.
  • All visitors, exhibitors, speakers & press should wear their badge at all times and co-operate fully with requests from security, venue or event staff to see or scan your badge.
  • Please keep theatre seats and seating areas clear which are designated for ‘Accessibility’ or ‘Press’, unless you have requested them.
  • Some parts of the Festival are reserved for speakers, exhibitors, and those with Access All Areas passes. We ask that visitors respect the rules governing entry to these areas and we reserve the right to eject anyone who knowingly breaches them.
  • All visitors, speakers, exhibitors, and staff have the right to be treated with respect. Rude or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to refuse admission or eject any person who behaves inappropriately.



  • As a free-to-attend event, Net Zero Festival depends on the support of sponsors and exhibitors. As such, commercial marketing activities are only permitted by prior agreement with the Net Zero Festival team. We reserve the right to refuse admission or eject any person who, in the opinion of the event organisers, is undertaking unapproved commercial or marketing-related activities.
  • Fundraising or canvassing activity is similarly only permitted by prior agreement with the Event Marketing Manager.
  • The event organisers reserve the right to remove and dispose of unauthorised promotional, commercial, or campaigning materials.



  • By agreeing to the terms and conditions of registration, you were made aware of and consented to filming, photography and/or live streaming at and relating to the event, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You also gave rights to Incisive Business Media Ltd to reproduce and publish your words and/or likeness in any transcript, moving image or publication relating to the event. 
  • To the extent possible, our official photographers and videographers will position themselves in a transparent manner to indicate their intent.
  • Our journalists will respect any requests for visitors’ comments to be off the record.
  • All speeches, presentations, and comments made on the event stages are made in a public forum and are on the record (unless explicitly stated otherwise). As such, they can be reported on social media and elsewhere.