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BusinessGreen is committed in the journey to becoming more sustainable. By using the guidelines set out by Ecovadis, we will be working towards the accreditation. The goal is to reduce paper consumption across events and improve recycling rates, curb food waste and alter menus with an aim to include locally sourced, organic produce. We have also committed to deliver carbon offsetting at events wherever possible and provide delegates with accessible venues. We will be closely evaluating each event and considering how we can improve in the following areas; energy, transport, water usage, recycling, economic and local environment/community.

The Net Zero Festival is hosted by BusinessGreen.

isla Member


isla Member

Incisive Media are proud members of isla. 

isla is a non-profit organisation founded as the event industry’s response to the climate crisis. Founded by 12 agencies, isla is an action driven network. It brings together expertise from across the entire events sector, provides resources and training and has developed tools to support and deliver industry wide standardisation and best practice on sustainable practices.


TRACE by isla

The NetZero Festival will be using TRACE to measure our carbon footprint. The TRACE platform helps you measure and minimise carbon at live, hybrid and digital events.

Sustainable events are more achievable with recommendations to shape decision making in planning stages. TRACE is the definitive carbon measurement platform for sustainable events, brought to you by isla, the industry body driving events to a net zero future.



Business Design Centre

The venue for the Net Zero Festival, Business Design Centre, is now B Corp Certified. B Corp certification is a gold standard framework when it comes to holistically operating a business, in a way that supports the needs of people today whilst leaving a better world for the people of tomorrow. B Corp organisations have a high standard of social and environmental impact, meaning that they prioritise people and the planet as part of their everyday operations. You can find out more about this here: 

Focus on our environmental impact has long been an important part of our operations at the BDC. Our first sustainability group came together in 2008 and we were certified as a CarbonNeutral® venue in 2010. Now we look to the future and are proud to have a plan that will see the venue reach Net-Zero before 2030.

For more almost twelve years now, the BDC has been a certified carbon neutral venue. This has been achieved through following strict protocols such as sending zero waste to landfill, using 100% renewable energy to power the building, whilst offsetting any residual carbon emissions we cannot avoid. You can read more about this journey in our carbon neutral section.

We are looking forward to reducing our carbon footprint even further over the next few years, as we meet our goal to reach net zero emissions before 2030.




Jonas Event Technology

As an event registration and technology provider our environmental impact is principally based around energy consumption and waste and is considered extremely important to our organisation.

Registration, and the events industry as a whole, produces waste products from the various items used onsite and for JET this is predominantly badges and badge holders. Energy consumed at our offices and our travel produce carbon emissions and we have taken active steps to reduce these.

JET is committed to doing its part to assist the events industry with becoming more sustainable.




As a rental business, we are no strangers to re-using our product. In fact we take pride in looking after and maintaining our products to ensure that they can be used again and again and continue to look as good as new. This care extends to how the items you choose are picked, packed and transported, and how they are looked after when they return to our warehouse, thanks to the expertise of our in-house craft team.

But our commitment to sustainability goes further than that. We actively source products that are sustainably produced (look out for our Sustainable icons next to our products in our catalogue), and we are working to reduce our energy consumption and the impact of our transport use. Finally, we are committed to taking care of the mental and physical health of our employees, and to looking for ways to support the communities in which we live and work.

Fresh Graphic Solutions

Fresh Graphic Solutions

At Fresh Graphic Solutions Ltd, we are committed to operating our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. We recognize that our activities have an impact on the environment, and we are dedicated to minimizing that impact through the adoption of sustainable practices and the promotion of sustainability throughout our organization.

Our Core Beliefs:

Reduced Environmental Impact: When working with us, our Clients are aligning with a partner who actively reduces plastic waste and conserves resources.

Recycling Champions: We're not just talking about recycling; we're living it. When Clients collaborate with Fresh Graphic Solutions, they join forces with a company that actively recycles paper, plastic, aluminum, and more, promoting a circular economy and responsible waste management.

Innovative Solutions: Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the ordinary. We transform used banners into Bags for Life, reflecting our innovative approach to waste reduction.

Inspiration for Change: We aim at inspiring our Clients to make eco-conscious choices. Our dedication to promoting eco-friendly materials and sustainable printing practices ensures our Client’s projects have a positive impact on the environment.

Aztec Event Services

aztec Event Services Limited

We are proud that our work allows us to positively impact people’s lives, but we are acutely aware of our industry's impact on the planet. From the resources we use to the waste we generate, we are taking bold action–to transform our business activities. While the events industry has taken steps to become more sustainable, what we have collectively achieved isn’t enough. As an industry leader we believe we have a responsibility to spearhead positive change, introduce best practice throughout our projects and help lead our industry to do the right thing. Our goal is to be a leader in sustainable environmental practices and to continually improve the environmental credentials of our operations, projects and client services.

We have challenging 2022-2023 objectives and performance indicators covering all business critical issues. These include:

Responsible procurement: We are committed to procuring materials, goods and services responsibly and with assurance from credible third party certification schemes. We therefore require our suppliers to embrace best practice through appropriate certifications and management systems where practicable. We regularly review supplier products and services to inform the selection of new suppliers.

Resource efficiency: We have set targets to reduce our consumption of natural resources and reduce waste by adopting environmental best-practice and innovative solutions across the company. We work with industry partners to reduce embodied carbon and develop circular economy principles in service delivery.

Pollution control: Best practice techniques and behaviours are employed to prevent pollution arising from our activities. We prioritise collaboration with our suppliers, clients and partners to pioneer new solutions to reduce environmental nuisance and airborne particulates.

Earthly Logo


Incisive Media partners with Earthly as part of our efforts to give back more to the earth than we take. Through Earthly we are investing in nature-based projects that remove carbon, restore biodiversity, and support the communities most impacted by climate change. We do this as part of our events organisation, where emissions from travel, food, the venue and more are calculated and compensated for.

Why nature-based solutions? Nature-based solutions can contribute a third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to stabilise warming to below 2°C, but a lack of investment means their potential is not yet being fully tapped. We're proud to help close the gap.

Rimba Raya

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project is protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Without this project,
the carbon-rich peatland forest of Rimba Raya would have been turned
into palm oil estates, emitting over 100 million tonnes of carbon into the
atmosphere. Instead, the project is protecting the land and working with
local communities to achieve all 17 of the Sustainable Development

Three key information about the project:

  • Carbon emissions from peatland degradation create 5% of global human emissions. It’s essential they are protected from conversion, yet they are underrepresented in carbon markets.
  • Partnering with the Orangutan Foundation International means the project conserves these threatened great apes from palm oil expansion both within and outside the project area.
  • The project plays an active role in supporting communities to develop alternative livelihoods from education to employment.